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Price apartment:

One hour:
2000 UAH
Two hours:
3600 UAH
Speaks English

Price for departure:

One hour:
2000 UAH
Two hours:
3600 UAH

About me:

Will take your hearing and vision. Remove your reality and care of the 7 seas. Will carry you into the abyss of passion and nathusii as a mermaid, released. But only on clouds of lust, and new fantasies, definitely sold me. Ready to be a teacher, a fairy, conquering and conquered, by implementing the tireless energy of sexuality, within a few hours of the meeting.

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Hi can we meet for 2 hours on 29 April
john / 15/04/2017
Hi Sweetie i will be com to Lviv tomorrow an would like to meet you ;-))
Victor / 16/04/2017
hello beauty. i want to ask if you can come to my apartment in the center of Lviv
eduardo / 21/05/2017
Czy jest wolna w ten weekend tj. 20.08.2017? We Lwowie
Marek Kowalski / 18/08/2017
Are you in Lviv? I will be there July 9th and would like company.
Steve / 27/06/2017
hi. I wanna see you there. Are you available ın july of 26?
mert / 06/07/2017
are you free today? can we make an appointment?
JLA / 19/08/2017
Hi Jarina, Are you available on 14th October night? Please leave me a message. Thanks
Cengiz / 08/10/2017

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